F-5 Wool Felt, 5/8" Thick x 60" Wide

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ASTM Type:
Nominal Thickness:
Thickness Limits:
 .595 - .655
Nominal lbs (sq/yd):
Limits (lbs/sq yd):
7.25 - 8.05

Product Overview

Our F-5, Australian S1 grade, off white wool felt is made from 100% natural wool fibers. It's best for applications where a durable, resilient felt is required. It has high vibration absorption and abrasion resistance. It has excellent wicking properties, is solvent resistant and has high stability in oil. As natural wool is used, slight color variations may occur in finished product.

For orders of 10 yards or more, please call: 
877.879.FELT (3358).

For additional widths or thicknesses, 
wool felt stripping or die-cut parts, 
call us for a quote.

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