Made exclusively by The Felt Company, this eco-friendly, 100% tan wool product comes straight off the sheep with no post-processing or dyes applied. It’s washed, needle punched and pressed to thickness.

Eco-Felt is not recommended for architectural use.  Sutherland Felt neither recommends nor warrants the use of Eco-Felt for architectural purposes.

Available from 1/8” to 1” thick, it's a low cost alternative to SAE wool felts,* and available in comparable densities. Naturally flame retardant, Eco-Felt does not require the treatments that flammable materials such as cotton, rayon, and acrylic require. 

*Depending on density, Eco-Felt costs 5-15% less than SAE grey felts (F-3, F-7), and 40-45% less than SAE white felts (F-1, F-5, and F-10).

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