F-51 Wool Felt, 1/16" Thick x 60" Wide

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Product Overview

Our F-51, gray felt is made from a minimum of 95% wool fibers. SAE F-51 has the same strength and durability of an F-1 or F-2 felt, with a coarser finish. It has high vibration absorption and abrasion resistance. It has excellent wicking properties, is solvent resistant and has high stability in oil.

Please note – our gray wool felt is a natural fiber – the color/shade of gray may vary from different production runs and/or prior samples. 

Min. Purchase: 5 yards.

For orders of 10 yards or more, please call: 
877.879.FELT (3358).

For additional widths or thicknesses, 
wool felt stripping or die-cut parts, 
call us for a quote.

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